The Most Common Questions

The software provides access to a target Viber account. It has built-in tools that exploit the vulnerability of SS7 protocol and allow our clients to restore any account. VB-Tracker™ is an exclusive IT service featuring an intuitive interface and guaranteeing success.

Have you encountered issues or came up with some questions in the course of using the service? In this section, you'll find the best solutions and tips on how to get the most out of our software. If solving some issue by yourself seems impossible for you, please contact customer support team.

Provided guarantees.

Clients receive payment requests only after a target account authorization and accessing it to download an archive. Over 90% of users were satisfied with it, thus evidencing the tools effectiveness.

Promotions and bonus offers.

Follow the pricing. section to view current promotions and bonus offers available to customers. All the persons participating in our affiliate Program, and engaged in promoting this service are awarded with bonus points. When such person gathers a sufficient number of bonus points, he can hack any Viber account completely for free.

Software operation principles.

VB-Tracker™ is based on special algorithms for exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol. It allows users to get remote access to any target account. The software automatically intercepts a service SMS message containing a verification code and restores a Viber profile using this character set. As a result, its user can download an account history and use this info for personal purposes. You can learn more about the tools in use by visiting the technical documentation section.

What are the system requirements of VB-Tracker™?

All of the following boxes must be checked to ensure the software runs correctly:

  1. Stable Internet connection
  2. Enough free dick space
  3. Current browser version

What data will be available after using VB-Tracker™?

An archive of user files available for downloading in the dashboard section containing the entire account history:

  • Correspondence of a target user including secret chat
  • Incoming and outgoing calls journal with duration data
  • GPS coordinates of a target account current location
  • Received and sent files transferred in Viber messenger
  • Data exchanged in private channels and groups

Is there a need in a target device/account pre-configuring?

All of features and capabilities offered by VB-Tracker™ can be used online. For session launching you need only specify a target number in international format and provide a stable Internet connection.

How much disk space do I need to download an archive?

File size depends on the degree of a target account activity. In case this person frequently transfers big files in Viber, such an archive can take up to 2GB.

Are there any risks related to downloading an archive?

The package of files from a restored account is checked by an antivirus tool to find and delete all the malicious attachments. That is why it's completely safe for downloading and won't affect the stability of both your and target devices.

How to monitor a target account unbeknownst to its owner?

As part of the software development process, we have implemented innovative practices related to cyber-security and encryption, thus ensuring the highest level of confidentiality. The algorithms in use don't impair the stability of a target device and operate in the background.

Is it legal to use VB-Tracker™?

It's important to realize that the Viber account recovery procedure is completely legal and is available to any user. The process of interception a service SMS is automated. Thus, the human factor is completely removed.

How to achieve maximum anonymity level?

Complete anonymity can be ensured thanks to advanced cryptographic algorithms and using cryptocurrencies for payments. All sensitive info undergoes end-to-end encryption making it inaccessible to third parties.

How often can I use VB-Tracker™?

Customers determine the frequency of using this service by themselves. Software developers does not impose session limits for users, while providing the highest possible bandwidth.